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social networking software
social networking software
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Church Community & Social Networking
Software for the Church Website

Social Network Software – Our church social networking software will create an online community for members to deepen their relationship with other members they know and get acquainted with those they don’t know.

Community Outreach - Church social networking software will build an online ministry comprised of your member’s family, extended family, friends, and guests. Where Christian and non-Christian family members and friends can share and participate with each other in family, group, and church events. Eleven of the Internet's most popular social networking software features in a single software that integrates seamlessly into your church website.

Develop Online Ministry - An online ministry that can scale to several times the size of your congregation. A body of believers whit their family and friends who not only come together  once or twice a week, but are sharing, dialoging, and collaborating seven days a week, perhaps even at midnight, on your church Online Family Center. Using our social networking software.

Our exclusive OFC WebSuiteSM design and unique administration features make the Online Family Center the premier social networking software for the church and the members.



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